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Cool Links

Here are some pretty interesting fun pages I've found. I know that no one is ever going to click on any of these or anything. I never do when I visit other's webpages. Oh well, I need some kind of content up here right now, and it's my page anyway right....?

You should try a few. Might be fun...
Not me or have any relation to me. Found it one day by typing stuff into the address bar and seeing what would pop up. It's a pretty sw33t flash site with dark, weird art. There's a really funny story about this site too. Maybe, I'll be posting stuff like that sometime. If you really wanna know, send the kid an email.

Internet Archive
What's here? Oh, about 100+ TB of backed up data chronicling the Internet from 1996. Check out some of your favorite sites from the old days. Check out yahoo back when you could just search there.

404 Research Lab
Speaking of backing up data, this site collects 404 messages. Some are really funny.

*crickets chirping*

This site hosts really cool user-made models for many fps: Quake, Half-Life, UT, JKII. Some extremely talented stuff here. Also have many skins and extras like new weapon models and such. Be sure to check out all the neat mecha models for Q3A. You can even get Kenada's gun. I don't even play these games anymore and I'll still go here ever two weeks or so to check out what is new. Be sure to look at Magdelena. It's messed up.

Here is the profile of my brother, Bryan, at his job. I didn't even know that he had one up but I found it yesterday, just by luck. The site pretty much sucks and bryan's little section is stupid. I'm j ust putting it up in hopes of embarrassment. Woot Bryan and your favorite movie star, Tim Robbins!!!!

Cool site with everything you could ever want to know for just about any movie ever made. The amount of information here is insane.

The best internet radio site I have ever seen. Deals mainly in trace(trance, hard trance, hard house, eurodance), but also has really good classical. You should go there and listen to some unf unf unf unf.

Want some cool t-shirts? This place has got some neat stuff: Retro-gaming ("Wizard Needs Food Badly"), and you can even wear some of your fav. sites logos like Blues or Penny Arcade.

'nuff said

Go here for stuff like this or this....

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